Apple launches a new privacy site from which you can download a copy of everything the company knows about you

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Apple today launched a new Data and Privacy website from which all users in the European Union (in the coming months it will be available for the rest of the world) with an Apple ID can obtain a copy of the data that the company stores about them .

It is part of the company’s efforts to comply with the new data protection law , GDPR , whose compliance will be mandatory as of May 25 and which affects all companies that deal with information of European citizens although they are from other countries. .

The new site is quite simple and allows you to safely download all the information associated with your Apple ID, from application usage data, to documents, photos, videos, contacts, calendars and more .

You do not have to download everything in batch, you can select only the data that most interest you because they are separated by categories. File and document downloads from iCloud Drive, iCloud Mail and iCloud Photos warn that they can take more time because of their size.

And, Apple also informs you that after you finish selecting the data to download they will begin to prepare your copy, and the process can last up to seven days , since they will take that time to verify that the request has been made by you and no one else.

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