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Google Adwords is undergoing an overhaul including changes to its automated bidding functionality. Terminology changes are being implemented alongside new functionality which includes the ability to set differing CPA targets at the level of the ad group, included in the same bid strategy. Here we outline the details of the changes and some of the potential implications.

Adwords Automated Bidding Benefits from Long-Overdue Overhaul

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Naming Changes

– Flexible strategies will now be named ‘portfolio’ bid strategies. This change is intended to show a single strategy can now be used across multiple campaigns and ad groups as well as keywords, on some occasions.

– A strategy applied in future to a single campaign will now be named a ‘standard’ bid strategy.

– Conversion Optimizer will now be named Target CPA for any new bid strategies. This can still be utilised as a ‘standard’ or indeed a ‘portfolio’ bid strategy.

Changes in Functionality

– Users will now be able to amend or create bidding strategies from within the Campaigns Setting tab, with no need to go within the Shared Library.

– Different CPA goals can now be set for separate ad groups within the Target CPA functionality Portfolio bid strategies. An example might be for a sportswear retailer with multiple ‘shoe’ ad groups within a bidding portfolio – they might raise or lower CPA targets for certain brand names based on their average order value.

In general, we believe these changes make life more simple for website owners, simplifying nomenclature and reducing the steps required to deliver bidding strategies. Google often implements changes to its products and there are likely to be more in future. If you are uncertain what these changes mean for you then do review the latest information on Adwords success here and consider the use of a Belfast SEO agency like and If you need advice on SEO in Belfast,.

Likewise, if you need general help with your Adwords strategy then consider the information available regarding success with Adwords like this article by Cio

Google Adwords is an immensely useful tool for website owners to deliver leads at an acceptable cost to their business. The latest changes are some of many to be implemented by Google that move them closer towards the goal of a seamless and easy-to-operate user experience and we expect more in the coming months. Watch this space!

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