Unusual Sports For Kids To Try


Are you looking for a fresh activity to inspire your kids to get more active? Look no further as here are some that should motivate even the worst couch potatoes:


Harry Potter fans in your household? The mythical game has been adapted for muggles and there are even teams for younger players who partake in something called ‘Kidditch’. Why not see if there’s anything available in your area?

Disc Golf

Swap the clubs and balls for frisbees and metal baskets and you’ve got disc golf! If you don’t have this available near you, find out if you can set something up. It’s cheap, fun and all you need are some discs.

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High Ropes

Got a head for heights? Challenge your kids to obstacles, rope bridges, climbing nets and zip lines – all completed at height! Truly exhilarating with a real sense of accomplishment. Find out more about High Ropes by visiting www.270climbing.com/high-ropes/


Channel those play fights into something more sophisticated and disciplined. Fencing can be started at age 6 and is surprisingly inexpensive. Ideal for those with fast reflexes.

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Dog Agility

Ever thought of combining exercise for your kids and your furry friend? Kids and pooches can share in this high energy, fun activity and develop a deeper relationship at the same time. There are dog agility classes and courses in many towns across the country.


If you live near the coast, surfing is cool and active all rolled into one. There are geographical and weather limitations but if you have a dedicated water baby, surfing might be the inspiration to get them more active.

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