The increasingly important social networks in the online strategy of small businesses

Social Media

The Social Media help to boost small businesses. It is a place where small and large middle compete on equal opportunities. The world 2.0 allows great achievements with a really modest investment. It all depends on their ability to plan a creative strategy that get hit the target audience, and make you an irresistible proposal.

57% of SMEs includes social networks within the marketing strategy of the company. 2.0 channels have helped them grow their business, especially Facebook (18%), LinkedIn (13%) and corporate blogs (13%).

The increasingly important social networks in the online strategy of small businessesIt is an activity which in principle take the time they can, although they are aware of to obtain satisfactory results should demonstrate an active presence. 12% of these companies are constantly aware of their social activity, while 25% work when you have time. YouGov last month indicated that 1 in 3 SMEs manage their own online marketing strategy. In plan I cook it, I eat it. In addition, these organizations also manage their communication strategy and have even created their website (39%).

What social networks operate mainly small businesses?

Facebook remains the dominant choice (19%), followed by LinkedIn (14%).As we have seen above, it is 2 platforms reporting better results.Meanwhile, SMEs still do not quite get juice to Twitter. Only 4% stake for them.

The data show that these companies are satisfied with the result of your actions in Social Media. 27% managed to increase brand awareness and sells more than 15% thanks to them. Meanwhile, 11% recognizes that social networks have helped to improve customer service, while 7% have seen an increase in its positioning seekers face.

SMEs have aa clear that they remain committed to the Social Media, thereby increasing the investment in these media. At the moment, 67% invest as much as 5% of its budget, 22% raises this investment to 22%. It is planned that in 3 years, 28% of them spend more than 20% of its resources and 27% at least 10%.

Although not everything is rosy. Data released by Manta in July show that approximately two-thirds of SMEs is not able to capitalize on their investment in social networks. Undoubtedly it is a medium that requires many resources, especially a lot of time and dedication, and where the results are not seen overnight. However, this same source also reflects the positive attitude and confidence by half of the companies who have decided to spend more time.

Social media have great potential, especially for its ability to reach the target audience, promote direct and build confidence; all at a cost significantly lower than conventional channels. These are advantages that set them apart from any other means, one of the big reasons that make you irresistible to small and medium enterprises.

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