SMEs have begun to truly assess the importance of social networks

Social Media

Social networks are already part of the communication strategy of small and medium enterprises. 49% of them recognizes that social media are useful to boost your business. A trend that has been increasing; 73% of SMEs and included in its strategy in 2016.

Facebook is the most effective social platform for these organizations. 82% have registered their profile in the network of networks, while 73% also has a YouTube channel. Moreover, just under half of the companies (47%) includes LinkedIn and Twitter in its strategy of Social Media.

Hands Holding Colorful Speech Bubbles Social Media ConceptThe social network Mark Zuckerberg is also preferred by customers to connect with these companies (80%) channel, and also stands for reporting the greatest number of social references (86%), well above others like Twitter (11 %) or options (3%).

Companies, especially small and medium businesses have begun to truly assess the importance of social networks as a way to boost your marketing strategy and reach your target audience, leading to 80% to increase its investment in the next year.

44% believe they are a source of useful information enabling meet competition and detect trends in the sector. Thus, 80% of these companies monitor social activity that takes place in Social Media in order to know what the competition does.

On average, these companies spends about 15 minutes a day. Specifically 58% believe that invests no more than 10 minutes a day, while 21% extends this period to one hour. 50% say that increased this time last year, which has resulted in an increase in customers and turnover. These companies got new customers through Facebook (52%), LinkedIn (43%) and Twitter (36%).

53% of SMEs also use social media as a tool to promote engagement, establishing them through two-way communication.

These companies have been able to appreciate the advantages of developing an online presence. 71% of social network users purchase products from those brands that follows. 15% prefer to buy products from companies with which you can easily reach, thanks to social networks. On the other hand, 46% look in Social Media before you decide to buy, while another 15% use these media for information about the companies you have in your environment.

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