Potential To-Do List For Selling Homes Faster Using Facebook

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The days of only being able to advertise your house for sale through print or local media is long gone. With all the new trends like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ social media is always changing and giving a new way to get information out to a larger group. Realestate listing advertising without a social media platform has almost become useless. It may be quite handy for you if you learn how Facebook can be instrumental in your search for finding the right buyer for your house in a short period of time.

Social MediaWe bring easy but potential to dos to make the process of selling homes faster using Facebook. A blog of your own makes the process coordination seamless.

  1. Build the readership of Facebook page – The Facebook algorithm will require you to post advertisement in the newsfeed two to three times daily to maximize the number of viewers. You have to have an innovative inclination to post interesting advertisement in the newsfeed every time.
  2. Signboard in front of the property – Put up a signboard in the front of your house. Make sure that the signboard should direct viewers to your blog to get more information of your house. This is a sure way to double your Facebook reach, because most people will want to reach you online on your house for sale.
  3. Post a coming soon banner – If you have decided to host the open house for your home then you should advertise it two weeks prior to the day. Now a coming soon banner for your open house in your Facebook page will create a stir among your Facebook friends and their friends. Word of mouth spreads like viral and people in and around your Facebook circle who is interested to buy a house would definitely try to be present on the occasion of your open house. Make sure you make the advertisement pin to top of your Facebook page at least for a week.

Make sure you add two to three posts in your blog every week to give your viewers more information to read on your house. People like to stay up to date on information so giving them small points or exciting news will get them even more excited to come view the house for sale. Remember you can even mention small points like what fun things the house is close to.

  1. Highlight unseen amenities – Pictures or one liner sentences cannot describe the in-depth features of your house. The write up description in the listing should be utilized to highlight special features like broad garage, private backyard, or a nicely hemmed terrace balcony. Point out features that will grab a person attention to be even more interested in the house.
  2. Be specific rather than over creative – See words like beautiful or magnificent can be catchy words, but after drawing attention you have to say what materials or brands you have used to remodel the kitchen or bath. If you have wooden floors or have used vitrified tiles mention the brand, because it gives an authentic value to your house.
  3. Use decent and correct English – Wrong grammar and wrong spelling is the last thing you want in your advertisement. The language should be simple enough for everyone to understand. Be positive to not to make any grammatical or spelling error, because it will lower the credibility of your house.
  4. Be limited with adjectives – Obviously, you want to use the best phrases or adjectives for each corner of your house, but at the same time you run the risk of exaggerating and giving high hopes to potential buyers. Make your house for sale sound beautiful and give the expectation of what they are going to see once they walk in, because you do not want to give your future buyers false hope. Suppose your master bedroom overlooks a beautiful scene outside so an example line could be, Enjoy the gorgeous views from the comfort of your bedroom while drinking coffee in the morning. Viewers will definitely be holding you to that saying and checking out the views in the master bedroom that you promised.

People who have used Facebook to sell their home have said that walk-ins estimated to be about 30 to 50 a day. Sellers acknowledged that buyers that follow the blogs knew many parts or features of the house already before even entering the doors and that is what attracted them to view the home in the first place. Some of the buyers were even ready to make spot deals.

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