Have You Considered a Facebook Group?

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Instagram and Snapchat may be cooler with teenagers, but hundreds of millions of people use Facebook every day. That’s a lot of potential customers. You may already have a Facebook page, but have you created Facebook Group?

Have You Considered a Facebook Group

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A Facebook Group is different from a Facebook page. A Facebook page has to be updated constantly – a Facebook Group, once you get it off the ground, only has to be moderated, because members of the group will keep discussions going and so keep the group active and showing up in people’s newsfeeds and notifications.

Here are some helpful tips to making the most of a Facebook Group

1. It’s Not All About You

Your page is about you; your Group is about the members. Think about who your customers are and why they are your customers. If you are a hairdresser, your Group could be about fashion and hair styles; if you are a mechanic, create a Group for people who like cars. Create a Group which will interest your target audience. Invite people who have something interesting to say. Respond to comments and complaints (hopefully not many of those) and questions.

2. Offer Value

Keep your Group active, and keep it relevant. Start discussions about topics that interest the members; post relevant videos and links to other interesting pages or Groups. Of course, it’s worth letting the owners of those pages and Groups know that you’ve done so; they may join or promote your Group in return. Offer vouchers or advance information about special offers and upcoming events. Make your Group members feel valued and special.

3. Support Your Team and Your People

Use your Facebook Group to build a community atmosphere and promote company culture; it’s not just good for your employees – it makes your customers see your company for the diverse group of human beings that they are.

For lots more clever ideas, you could read this article: https://www.postplanner.com/use-facebook-groups-for-marketing-business/.

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Facebook is a long way from over. There are so many possibilities still waiting to be explored!

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