Forrester also says that only 55% of marketers are happy with Twitter

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A few days ago, Forrester surprised us with the results of a report which mentioned how marketers called into question the potential of Facebook, now we have a new report which also Twitter to barely saved from burning .

According to his data, although a large part of marketers (60%) includes Twitter within your online marketing strategy, just over half of them (55%) recognized register a positive balance with these actions. The Forrester study indicates that marketers are more satisfied with the results from their campaigns on LinkedIn (62%) YouTube (59%) or Google (56%) than with their investment in the network of blue bird. One thing that does not say anything for a company that is pending to launch the world its IPO.

Forrester also says that only 55% of marketers are happy with TwitterAs recorded by the report, marketers believe that Twitter needs to develop new business opportunities, as well as providing better tools, tips and useful information, so they can take full advantage of this platform.Marketers complain about the lack of information and guidance to help them better focus their campaigns. In addition, also sorely lacking more data and statistics on the evolution of their campaigns on Twitter, something that helps them to trust and demonstrate the effectiveness of this medium.

Despite the criticism, it is undeniable that Twitter remains one of the major social platforms to increase online visibility and connect with customers.Proof of this is that 18% of respondents marketers plans to start its journey in this half next year. One aspect that Forrester highlights, inviting brands to exploit their potential to reach their target audience in a more direct level, and leave in the background amplification of the brand. One of its main differential values is the ability to speak directly to the target, in real time, from you to you. Something that should be used to go a step further, encouraging engagement and thereby advance the difficult race to fidelity.

Twitter is not to be conceived as an advertising platform, but as a channel through which to reach the customer, in a way that does not allow other channels 2.0. Perhaps the problem lies in the misconception. The key to success on Twitter lies not in getting many followers or RT, but in using it as a channel to communicate, distribute information, generate interactions, encourage conversation and connect with the customer.

The last question posed by this new report is really who do not get the expected results Are actually doing what necessarily to realize its potential efficiently and correctly?

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