Define Objectives: Essential to any strategy for social media marketing

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The pose a digital marketing strategy oriented social networks in order to influence positively, positioning the brand, increase their visibility and sell products, required to meet certain steps. It is essential that the company has clear why who wants to be on social media. To be successful, the strategy must clearly state the objectives to achieve and select networks more clumping users of its sector. 

These objectives, as in any other area of the company, must be measurable, add value to the brand, increase visibility and sell the products, based on dialogue between the company and users context are clients or not. 

Define Objectives Essential to any strategy for social media marketingSecond, we must analyze the public good objective to which the company is headed, assessing the activities carried out in social networks, which are used, how often, reasons. This way you can focus the activity of the company to potentially major groups. 

Using free as provided by the site tools, we know if our audience is more likely to take photos, write blogs or other activities, and to plan the strategy. This site provides data on the behavior of people of different ages in different countries, with data that have been obtained after numerous surveys in several regions, obtaining a database in which are reflected the preferences of Internet users in five continents. 

Being clear about the objective and the profile of people who are going to lead, the company must choose the means that best fit their overall strategy, the use that will give each of them, the contents spread and tone used in communication in each case, as each medium has its own particularity. It is best to choose few means and invest some time observing how they work, as accepted by the group and rejected. 

Keep in mind that each community is different, and each has unique goals: The Facebook community does not behave like the Twitter or YouTube.Effective campaigns understand the interests, and community rituals and learn how to solve those desires. 

Once you have chosen the means must be developed relevant actions for consumers as the only way to reach them, generating information for that target based on their interests and profile of the brand (examples: recipes if the mark is in the food sector, sports if male, or music if they are young) 

the publication of a blog that covers topics in depth, is an effective way for companies to engage and share experiences with both their current and potential and future customers. The key is to find the way to interact with users in a sustainable manner over time, providing information or services to them useful and satisfactory, different or relevant experience, with content that meets the expectations by age – related and social composition. 

another very important factor is consistency and frequency of updating and publishing. The content must be constantly updated with new publications, for that is what they look for mariners and the company offers you the ability to retain and maintain a channel active communication which can also help generate greater brand awareness. 

The campaigns and efforts most successful social involve the audience, encouraging their opinion; Members of social networks have a special preference for self – expression, so that campaigns must meet these needs with appropriate tools. 

One example is Starbucks, who has a search engine for local and job offers on Facebook, a website for sharing and develop ideas, and Twitter reports and uses it as a means of customer service. 

Finally, the campaign should be integrated with multiple channels and media marketing company to obtain feedback on the brand. With this, we can obtain the necessary information to produce relevant content and strengthen our strategy. 

In conclusion, for a digital marketing strategy in social networks to succeed, you must first raise the goals you want to achieve them and enter the most clumping users in its sector, with the aim of influencing positively to position the brand, increase their visibility and sell the products. 

the basis of a successful marketing strategy is complementing traditional techniques with new offered by the Internet marketing. In this interaction significant synergies that strengthen the marketing activities of our company, which should be oriented towards the same goal arise.

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