Are you prepared all social media companies to address the crisis reputation of your customers?

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The new reality of social networks and social media marketing has generated a significant increase in supply and demand for professionals and companies offering different services to other businesses to manage their presence in this type of media. However, the fact that the presence of companies on social networks is already more than a priority, an urgent need, may cause sometimes overlook some important aspects.

We will not talk about what we have so often repeated when we explained the reasons why a website or managing Social Media may not be worth $ 500, much that that social media really not free, and rather you can avail ourselves a paste. Let’s forget for a moment the cost, not without giving them the importance they deserve and how they can affect other aspects.The question is, although budget constraints to determine how, or to whom we delegate our management in social media, we must also take into account that there are more important aspects.

Crisis management road signMany companies want to be in social networks, but the error of many of them is to believe mistakenly that only comes to setting up a profile on a custom design, and simply integrate some social buttons to start seeing growing numbers of fans and followers. All this without the mistaken belief that the social media strategy should only be based or will suffice with what to bring and share some content and respond occasionally to messages from fans themselves to think they are really companies really active and social. And as many of them are not trained for it or do not have qualified staff or time, prefer to delegate or outsource such work in other external services companies.

Given this need arise all kinds of proposals where no shortage of those that perhaps as hook, offer a management social networking for the modest price of 100 dollars  and will surely have no problems when customizing or place our logo on the head of our social profiles. However, social media can not be reduced to mere presence, much less meet this need without having a place or a real objectives or strategies. But much more important is to know and be aware that at any given time, major problems can arise certainly require much more than a simple presence.

Many companies, large and small, have been able to live in their flesh the devastating side effects of a real crisis of reputation like a huge fire it were.Emerged out of nowhere, when you least expect it, the wick ends up creating a problem of considerable dimensions that directly affect the image of the brand or company turns on, but time Are we ready to face it?Have we delegated all the right company? and I said this Are you prepared all social media companies to address the crisis reputation of your customers?

Care and ensure online reputation is absolutely necessary for any brand today, and brands that do not monitor their online reputation can not possibly notice this problem or react in time to fight its consequences. Still, the reputation crisis occur and often, it is almost impossible to predict and even control them, which makes the deal with them to minimize the damage becomes a challenge and a complex task for which not all companies they are trained.

That to have a social profile on all social networks may seem attractive and beneficial. However, this perception is the result of always emphasize the benefits without the risks and problems that may arise or we can face. Time Are you sure to delegate the management of their social media strategy to the most appropriate professional?

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