87% of B2B companies uses social networks to promote their content

Social Media

The main objective of the B2B 2014 is to generate new leads, attract contacts interested in your brand and products. This is expressed in 78% of these companies, as recorded Placester. An activity that are above increase brand awareness, products and services (55%).

To achieve this goal, companies have several tools at their disposal, including still standing out as more effective Seun your criteria, those of outbound marketing, such as telemarketing, e-mailing or direct sales (39%). Among the new ways to reach the target audience is also worth mentioning that 49% of B2B marketers develop mobile marketing strategies in order to attract potential customers.

87% of B2B companies uses social networks to promote their contentHowever, all this does not mean that these companies are not able to appreciate the potential of inbound marketing. In fact, over the next year, half of these businesses will increase its budget in this regard, while the rest will keep its investment in this area. Thus, 71% of companies use content marketing to reach your target audience. An activity that may have positive results. 88% of marketers said that the publication of case studies find it effective.

In the area of Social Media, 87% of B2B uses social networks to promote their content, using an average of 5 platforms. LinkedIn stands out as the most effective platform to promote contacts among B2B companies. In second position is Facebook, who remains the social network with more presence among users. A position that Google struggles to wrest, but for now has to settle for third place.

These actions help to improve the online presence of the brand, and thus its reputation. This new visibility, supported by positive comments and ratings on the brand is an important source of new contacts interested. 89% of B2B customer testimonials stand as an effective technique in getting leads.

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