30 minutes a day: This is the time users spend on application Snapchat

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While some of the signs of identity Snapchat most basic are the ephemeral nature of its contents, which disappears after a few moments and the youth of its users -located in the age group ranging from 13 to 24 years; a new report conducted by the Business Insider and compiled by The Next Web just to publicize that are up to30 minutes to devote to these common application.

And although the figure still lags behind Facebook at us spend 4 hours, it is clear that it is not, or the same service or the same public. A breakthrough for the technology giant, according to the document, has also increased the number of interactions. But let’s look at the data in more detail.

30 minutes a day This is the time users spend on application SnapchatWhat the analysis says?

Thus, it appears that customers Snapchat not act passively but 60% also participates actively creating new content and more. These figures have been confirmed by a spokesman of the entity and could be of great interest to advertisers.

Also taking into account that the application reaches up to 41% of young people referred to in the aforementioned range, it is possible to compare their data with those of television , at least the US, whose channels only reach 6% of this group demographic, notes this medium. Something they achieve precisely with their original filters, pictures disappear and all these features that boast “hypnotize” teenagers.

Moreover, the commitment and the advertising company have certainly been limited, although the company has tried to establish itself through its platform Snapchat Discover. At the moment, 23% use it every day, but the goal of Snapchat is established as an alternative to TV ads ** *; an end for it is taking all kinds of metric to bring them easier to stakeholders things.

In fact and according to Re / code, it seems that the final push of the section will receive a new boost; an improvement that precisely seek to become a practical tool to be discovered. Something that, unfortunately, still do not get too well, because users can not search for content, something that is counterproductive for them and for advertisers. A move intended to increase visits in the media shown in this section that, in fact, owe much of their traffic to Discover.

Other considerations

Moreover, the commitment to the advertising market is not new, but the company already closed its store filters last January using the argument of wanting to “focus on the advertising market,” as one of its problems of implementation at the in providing its service to potential advertisers was their little knowledge about their users, something basic for any brand, you need to know if your block with this community target.

In this regard and with the same aim of increasing their income, released in February renewing and adding functions. On that occasion he used the Live scores and live results; a feature that is based on filters able to classify content by location. A function that includes multitudinous matches and other sporting events as varied; and that not only seeks a new source of audience but provide a lighthearted when following an event in real time alternative.

It has also been the same March when we learned that Snapchat its heels to Facebook and YouTube with 8 billion videos viewed per day. Information released Bloomberg and allows you to compete with larger pages of the sector. An amount even more striking if we consider that the network has not needed 1,040 million daily active users are there in the community of Zuckerberg. In fact, it seems that it is enough and to spare with 100 million daily users.

On the opposite side, however, we cannot comment on that, just three months ago a survey by the company way up surprised us with a fact that points in the opposite direction: that Snapchat was falling among college, a collective which also uses less assiduously Facebook. The most significant drop occurred from September. In any case and as supported by the data provided in previous paragraphs also, this continues seeping between preferred of this group.

That said, there are still many aspects that the utility should improve. Benefits which, in accordance with revised in its source code, aimed at ushering in a web version to view live stories -of which by the way could see brushstrokes during the Oscars – and, no doubt, increase traffic application.

Also some indications of the possible introduction of audio calls and video are then found, as well as audio notes, some integration that would go beyond their borders and provide an opportunity to start to gain ground on messaging applications like Hangouts and Skype, as well as the retransmissions of Periscope.

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