How to download and install the Windows 10 Creators Update with the Microsoft tool


The Windows 10 Creators Update is already among us, although it has not yet landed in an “official” way. A little over a week ago Microsoft gave clues to its imminence by placing the RTM version on its servers, although before and had released for Insiders.

Until April 11 will not officially reach users, but if you can not wait any longer there is a way to get it right now with a Microsoft tool: the Update Wizard Windows 10, with which we will show you how to get the Creators Update in a few minutes.

As you can see, the Update Wizard is very simple and only requires a few seconds of your time since, once everything is ready, he will do the rest until the process is complete.

How to install the Creators Update

First of all we will have to download the tool from the Microsoft website. On the screen we will have to click on the Update Now button to download the assistant’s installer. Once we have done it, we double click on it to install it and, when it opens, we should get to a window like this.

Click on Update now to continue with the process. We will arrive at a new window, where the Wizard will check the requirements of our PC to install the Creators Update. If we meet them, three green marks like the ones in the photo should appear.

If we click Next, the update process will begin. From here the program is responsible for doing all the work for us.

When the entire process is finished, the Update Wizard will ask us to restart the computer to apply the new update.

From here, the already tedious and well-known process of updating Windows 10 will begin. When finished, the system will give us the option to reconfigure the Windows 10 privacy options and, finally, the formal welcome to the new update.

Written by suNCh8

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