TUPO Launches New Chef Academy


The University Caterers Organisation has announced the opening of a new academy aimed at training caterers in the higher education sector in many aspects of their craft. Tailoring training specifically to the university and higher education sectors will mean that workers in this area will be able to access bespoke training and qualifications at any level they need.

TUPO Launches New Chef Academy

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In addition to this, subjects as diverse as management strategies and basic food hygiene will be covered. Courses will be run as both online independent study modules and through attendance at various universities so everyone should be able to benefit and progress their career.

Shortage of Skilled Workers

The employment and learning organisation, People 1st, claims that the shortage of people employed in the food and beverage industry is alarming and that an additional 215,000 skilled employees will be needed by 2020. This makes the opening of the new academy even more welcome and necessary.

Sector Specific Training

Catering in the university sector differs from that in other areas because there is such a broad customer base amongst students. Students have traditionally been seen as eating unhealthily, and a study quoted in Metro claims that watching yourself eating unhealthy foods can help to change this behaviour, but actually, many students do make healthy food choices.

Students are also interested in foods from different cultures and in all aspects of their diet, so the higher education sector needs well-trained workers who can continue their professional development as the industry evolves.

All aspects of catering in the university sector, from food hygiene, menu planning and nutrition to procuring suitable equipment from wholesalers or food machinery auctioneers such as clarkefussellsfoodmachinerybrokers will be covered.

Students will be able to select the courses or subjects that are of most importance to them at any particular time, and study what they need to learn for their specific role. Choosing specific elements of a course will enable them to access the training they need whether it is financial management, staff recruitment or foodservice sustainability.

In addition to the universities involved in the new academy, many trade organisations sponsor and support TUCO. As well as supporting growth and development in the sector, the organisation is committed to providing information and advice to it’s members and supporting well-being and health.

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