Top Tips to Help the Conveyancing Process Run Smoothly


Purchasing a house is likely to be a monumental event in your life and you’ll want to make sure the whole process goes as smoothly as possible. You may think once you have found your dream home, the hard work is done, but conveyancing is the important final part of the process. It involves the exchange of contracts and transference of the house from the previous owners to you. Here are a few top tips to help the conveyancing process run smoothly.

Firstly, make sure you are clear on what you can afford. This will help the seller be sure that you can finance the purchase of the house. Moreover, compare the mortgage rates that your current bank offers to other banks to find the best one.

Speak to your local estate agents to help with your search. They can show you properties that haven’t yet been listed and look for homes on your behalf using the criteria you give them. Remember that even if a home meets your specifications, the location might not be ideal, so check everything thoroughly before making any final decisions.

‘For all intents and purposes, that house is my new savings account, future investment property, and possible retirement home.’

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Do your research before making an offer. Estate agents aren’t allowed to tell you how much other people offer so you must find out a lot of the information yourself. You’ll need to investigate the market, find out information about what the seller is after, and research the house. If you are buying with cash, let the seller know, as they will often accept lower prices in order to avoid dealing with a chain.

Lastly, find a good solicitor to help with making the final commitment to buy a house. A quality solicitor will manage the transactions themselves from the beginning to the end. If you are looking for a Gloucester Solicitor, go to Dee and Griffin.

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