Three Types of Play that are Essential for Healthy Child Development


For children playing is part of childhood, and a way to have fun. However, it is also an important part of learning new skills and a healthy development, both mentally and physically. Here are some of the various skills that play helps a child to develop, and good reasons why playtime should always be encouraged…

Social Skills – Play is often something that children will do in a group, and this helps them to learn important skills that help them to socialise with others. This includes sharing and cooperation, a sense of boundaries and also developing friendships and learning to get on with other people.

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Physical Fitness – Outdoor play is a particularly beneficial thing for children to do and although often they might need some encouragement, creating an space where they can play outside like this playgrounds Gloucester based company can provide helps children to use their bodies and get exercise. It also means that they develop skills like hand eye coordination and stamina.

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Creative Thinking – There are also many forms of creative play and getting children to engage in things like arts and crafts as well as role play helps them to use the creative side of their brain. This can help them with exploring and expressing how they see the world, communication and understanding others points of view. Being creative also helps to give them an outlet to deal with difficult feelings and emotions.

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