The television programmes of the 1970’s


Whilst it may have been the era of the Flared trouser, Glam Rock, Punk Rock and considerable domestic strife one thing tended to unite the nation, it’s love of its television programmes. The only trouble was the electricity was cut off due to miners strikes and there was even a state of emergency declared. When it was on the Britiish looked to a TV Aerial Installation Cardiff way based firm like to keep the thing working.

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To be fair to the British public they were not blessed with much choice. They could choose from 3 channels. BBC1, BBC2 and a regional version of ITV. This meant that whilst Viewers in London were watching an exciting drama or gameshow on London Weekend Television viewers on HTV in the West Country were treated to a documentary about ploughing.

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In terms of soap operas there was only one true King and that was Coronation Street. It maintained its status as the most watched programme throughout the decade with only Crossroads threatening it and the new kid Emmerdale Farm, both from ITV to challenge it. The BBC were someway off developing Eastenders.  Top of the Pops was the only place to go for music on TV, save for the Old Grey Whistle Test and in Comedy no one missed the Morecambe and Wise Show and especially not the Christmas special. Whilst there was hardly any cultural diversity (and if there was it was vaguely, or even outrightly racist, at times) this was seen as a time when TV could start to be more expressive. Doctor Who’s special effects had even been better and the sporting events were not “pay per view”. It also saw the big rise in the uptake of colour television.

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