The Romans knew a thing or two about drains


When it comes to innovation in construction the Romans were top of their class. Not only did they build great road networks that we have followed even to this day, but they also created some of the first underfloor heating methods and also incredible sewage and drainage systems. We have further expanded upon these but the basic premise has been pretty much the same. Of course we have mnuch more advanced technokloigy for finding issues in our drains and a CCTV Drain Survey Cheltenham company like can find issues using CCTV technology rather than resorting to sending small children into the drains, like the Romans had to do.

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One of the most elaborate examples of Romans sewers and drainage is the Cloaca Maxima which was used to transport waste from Rome into the River Tiber. It was known as the ‘Great Sewer’ and it was built by King Priscus who wanted to drain storm water away from Rome in a bud to keep the streets free of water and nice and clean. Rome was the poster city for the Roman Empire and as such it needed to look the part and having water along the streets was not an option.

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The sewer can still be viewed today and it is an incredible 1020 long and 20 feet wide making it an incredible site to see if you visit the ancient city of Rome.

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