How to live a more sustainable lifestyle


Go plastic free

Plastic never goes away, it is normally found washed up on our beaches or in our oceans, taking up to 40% of the surface of the oceans of the world! If you want to live more sustainably, trying to rid you’re your life of unnecessary plastic is a great place to start.

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Drive less

Using motor vehicles is adding to carbon emissions so do your bit for the environment and try to use greener forms of transport. Walk or cycle wherever possible and consider converting to an electric vehicle. Carpooling and public transportation are alternative options too.


The production of meat is one of the most environmentally damaging processes in the world. It devastates habitats, uses huge amounts of water, adds to pollution and creates huge amounts of greenhouse gases. Why not consider changing to a vegetarian or vegan diet? Plant-based diets are highly beneficial for both the environment and health. Find out more about vegan bodybuilding meals at a site like

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Do you need to buy that?

Before going shopping for a new item, consider whether you really need to buy it or you have something that could re-used or upcycled to fill the need. Everything we buy has some level of carbon footprint, whether it’s the environmental damage caused through production or the packaging that will end up in landfill.

Make your home greener

Making your home more efficient means installing things like a smart thermostat, energy-saving windows and adequate insulation.

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