How to Create an Elegant Living Room


Everyone wants an elegant and comfortable living room as it’s the place where family and friends relax together. It’s a room that deserves a little bit of extra flair. There’s no need to go over the top with expensive furniture and chandeliers; a few thoughtful accents can make any space feel more upscale. From fearless splashes of colour to richly patterned wallpaper, these stylish design ideas from the pros will help you create a beautiful, elegant living room.

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Start with a simple layout. Before you order any furniture or start laying down rugs, take a pencil and paper and sketch out your new living room’s floor plan. This way, you will be able to visualise the entire space which will help to prevent costly mistakes such as ordering a sofa that is too large or a cabinet that won’t fit the corner of your space. For a Vintage Style Sofa range, visit Vintage Sofa Warehouse.

Choose a focal point. A fireplace is a natural choice for a living room focal point, but a view, a piece of art or a Vintage Style Sofa can also be the centrepiece of your space. Aim to have one feature in the centre of your living room, then arrange seating pieces around it to encourage conversation and interaction.

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Use neutral paint colours. Cool grey tones work well with traditional living rooms, while warm hues like reds and purples add a more sophisticated look.

Incorporate metallics. From shiny mirrors to vintage silver decor, adding metallic elements to your living room can instantly make the space feel more upscale. Just don’t overdo it; too much metal can overwhelm the space and cause it to feel cold and sterile.

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