Guilt-free G&T Anyone?


An inventor, a chemist, and a restaurateur may sound like the beginning of a joke, but it is in fact the real-life combination of expertise behind the creation of a new soft drink for adults: a ‘teetotal’ gin and tonic.


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The Real Deal

“It both looks and tastes like an authentic gin and tonic,” claims Ian Ackroyd, owner of the Napiers restaurant in Skipton, and one third of the team behind the drink. “There are many reasons you might not be drinking – whether for your health or because you are driving afterwards. Knowing what to have instead while still feeling like you’re celebrating can be a real problem, and we feel our new drink offers a delicious solution. In the same way that vaping made it possible for smokers to smoke without truly smoking, we’re hoping our teetotal gin and tonic will be a drink without truly drinking!”

After founding The Temperance Spirit Company together, the team – including Ackroyd, inventor Brendan Duckworth and scientist Ian Jewett – spent several months with the product in the development stage, perfecting the specific taste. Dr Ian Jewett, a research chemist with 15 years’ experience, offered his expertise by refining the beverage until he and testers were convinced it tasted authentic. “Our research had indicated that tasters preferred a beverage with a strong gin-like taste,” he explained. “We were careful to source natural ingredients of high quality too. They won’t leave you with the headache that non-alcoholic drinks can sometimes be associated with.”

Big Plans

Selected hotels, restaurants and eateries now stock the beverage, and there are further plans to expand into other teetotal flavours. A key selling point of the product is its wide appeal and versatility. It can be served by any establishment with reliable equipment from a draught soft drink supplier such as Empire UK or another reputable brand. The team have been delighted with all the positive reactions to their product so far and are happy that non-drinkers can still feel included in a restaurant or bar setting.

“People enjoying our teetotal gin and tonic can really feel involved with celebrations and socialising. Our carefully blended taste means they feel like they’re enjoying a genuine gin and tonic,” says Ian Ackroyd. “We have a several free recipes available on our website too, and we encourage you to try it for yourself.”

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