Getting and using a Blue Badge


If you or someone that you carry as a passenger has mobility problems or a disability that means that getting about isn’t as easy, then a blue badge is something that can really help. For people who struggle with disabilities, WAV vehicles like this help with the travelling itself, as well as the accessibility to the vehicle, however when you get to your destination a blue badge can help you to park in a more convenient location.

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There are lots of different ways that people can qualify for a blue badge – people who automatically qualify for one include those who receive the higher rate of disability living allowance for mobility reasons, people who are registered as blind or you claim personal independence payment because you cannot walk further than fifty metres.

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If you don’t meet these automatic qualifications, you may also be able to get a blue badge if you have difficulties walking, have a terminal illness, or you have certain mental health conditions, so if you think it is something that you should be eligible for and it could help you and make life easier, it is certainly worth looking into it and applying.

When you have a blue badge, there are certain parking restrictions that you are exempt from, as well as the fact that you are allowed to park in the specially marked disability bays in car parks. However, some restrictions still apply, including resident and permit only parking as well as no parking in loading bays.

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