Drive Safely in Wintery Weather


In the winter, there are lots of conditions that can make driving much more dangerous, so making sure that you are able to drive safely when the weather is bad is important and could save your life and the lives of other road users.

With a flurry of winter storms sweeping through the UK, it is a good time to think about safe driving in bad weather, especially if you are planning on making a journey when it is like this. These are some of the weather conditions that can make driving challenging that you are likely to experience in the winter months…

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Heavy Rain – We have had a lot of heavy rain recently and there have been accidents all around the UK due to it. One of the dangers of prolonged periods of heavy rain is flooding on the roads, which can make driving very dangerous.

Be aware of this when you are driving and if you see water on the road, you may not know how deep it is so drive through very slowly. As well as the risk of flooding the engine, the car also runs the risk of aquaplaning on flooded roads.


When you are driving in heavy rain, remember that visibility may be low, so make sure that you reduce your speed to accommodate this and ensure your wipers are working properly.

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Snow and Ice – This is typical winter weather and snow may be fun for those who are at home and don’t have to travel, but it can be dangerous for motorists. Make sure that your tyres are suitable for travel as you will need the grip on the icy roads.

You should also be prepared for a breakdown if you are stuck in heavy snowfall – keep a phone and charger with you, as well as drinks and a blanket to keep warm just in case. You may need to be rescued if the snow comes down quickly. Rescue vehicles will be marked with chapter 8 chevrons like this so that you can see them.


High Winds – Another common occurrence in the autumn and winter are strong winds. They make driving a danger by blowing against the car, but also increase the risk of debris blowing around and hitting the car.

It is also important to be aware that some routes may be closed when winds pick up -such as the Severn bridge for example – as they are not safe to drive in these conditions, so check before you set off.

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