Dark Denim Styling Ideas for Five Different Occasions


If you’re looking for staple items for your wardrobe, then dark denim is a must. Of all the different types of dye for jeans, dark denim offers the best opportunities for different looks. Here are five different looks that you can get with dark denim:

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Before you go out to get your dark denim items, have a look here for some great ideas on how good a dark denim look can be: https://youtu.be/YxjUZaIDL4Q.


Dress your dark denim jeans with t-shirts or polo shirts for a casual look. Add a sweatshirt for cooler days. Wear with informal shoes or trainers.


Add a smart tailored shirt and a smart blazer to dark denim jeans for a snappy smart look. This style looks smart without a tie. Wear smart brogues or boots for a dressed-up look. Leave the blazer unbuttoned for a smart-casual look.

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Rugged and Stylish

Denim has always been popular as a hard-wearing work material. Go for a rugged look with a sweatshirt and solid work boots for a look that says you’re getting down to business.

Keep Out the Cold

Denim is a thick fabric and dark denim looks stylish and cosy in the colder months, when you can wear it with a knitted sweater, overcoat, boots and a warm scarf. Dark denim doesn’t show up the mud splashes. Stick to dark shades for the sweater, coat and scarf for a stylish co-ordinated look.

Denim Jackets and Shirts

You can also invest in a dark denim jacket that will give a stylish look when you match it with shorts or chinos. Give this a nautical twist with a Breton-style t-shirt and deck shoes.

Make sure you invest in quality dark denim items. These will be staple pieces for your wardrobe, and you want to make sure that they are hard-wearing and durable. Go to a reputable stockist such as Lyle & Scott and see what they have on offer.

Get some good-quality pieces for you wardrobe so that you can put a range of outfits together. Shop online at EJ Menswear and you can get a great wardrobe together so you can easily look stylish whatever the occasion.

Do a little research to find out what the best staple pieces of clothing are for your wardrobe and invest in a few good-quality items and you will always look great.


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