Assessing Safety in the Workplace and Keeping Staff Safe


All workplaces contain some element of risk, albeit some more than others. Staff safety should be the highest priority of every employer, and this is why it is important for all workplaces regardless of their size or the nature of the work that they do, to have a health and safety manager as well as risk assessments.

As well as this, provisions should be made in case of a medical emergency – at least one member of staff should have attended a course like this first aid at work Gloucester based course so that they are prepared and know how to deal with a medical situation should it arise.

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Risk assessments are completed by the health and safety manager and are done by speaking with staff about any health and safety concerns that they may have, watching jobs being done and assessing the actual premises and the materials that are used there.

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From this, risk assessments can be made which outline the risks of certain activities and substances. Measures are then put in place either to remove the risk altogether which is the best option of course, or where this is not possible, to reduce the risk – for example by using protective clothing or by following a procedure to do the job which makes it safer for staff. By doing this, workplaces will then be as safe as possible and ensure that staff protection is paramount.

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