Why Electroless Nickel Plating is so Useful

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Making sure that products are protected from corrosion and abrasion is important, and in many circumstances, it can mean that machines can last longer as well as making them safer. There are many industries where it is important to protect the materials that are used in certain parts of machinery, including engineering, automotive, aerospace and electronics.

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Many of the things that need to be protected are things that we use in our homes and as part of our everyday life, from computers to cars to our central heating systems, so you can see why making sure that they are as safe and durable as possible is so important.

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Something that is widely used to reduce the risks of damage to parts is electroless nickel plating like this www.poeton.co.uk/standard-treatments/electroless-nickel-plating

It is generally seen as better than the traditional nickel plating, making it a much more reliable way to protect many different things. Here are some of the benefits of using it…

Cost Effective – Because the production of the coating doesn’t require the use of electricity unlike the traditional nickel coating, this reduces the cost. It also requires less equipment to achieve the desired finish, and of course because it means that the items being coated last longer, it reduces the need to replace them, thus saving more money in the future as well.

Adaptability – Because there are many different mixtures that can be used to coat products, this means that it is versatile. For example, the levels of phosphorus used will mean that the coating will have a different level of hardness -when a coating is lower in phosphorus, the hardness will be higher with less emphasis on corrosion protection, meaning it can be useful for parts that are needing the hardness more, but increase the phosphorus and the corrosion protection becomes higher. This way it is a process that can be used for multiple items, depending on requirements.

Even – Something that is essential, especially when it comes to machinery parts is that the coating is even and uniform. This process means that due to the way it is done, the coating is even all the way around. Products are not left with large areas with more coating than others.

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