Why Do Trees Need Pruning?

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Why do trees need pruning? Pruning branches to remove dead or damaged branches can make a tree appear more appealing and increase the attractiveness of your landscape. While this may seem like an unnecessary expense, research proves that trees that are regularly trimmed will age more gracefully than ones that remain uncontrolled. Properly pruned branches also contribute to a healthier, greener landscape. This is because healthy branches provide resistance to insects, disease, and pests. For help from a Dorset Tree Surgeon, contact Kieran Boyland

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If you plan to hire tree services for one of your properties, it is important to understand why trees need pruning in the first place. Most tree services will trim branches on your behalf using mechanized equipment. However, some homeowners choose to prune their own trees. In addition to having the ability to trim branches yourself, you also will have the satisfaction that you crafted the most appealing-looking branch on your tree.

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In general, the majority of tree services offer you an estimate of how much time and effort it will take to properly trim your tree. However, it is important to know that the process varies depending on how large and thick your tree is. If you have trees that are not that large, such as cherry or maple, you will likely only need to trim the centre portion of the tree. If you have a thicker tree, such as oak, you may have to trim individual branches, which will prove to be much more time-consuming and frustrating than if you had proper professional pruning done.

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