Where Can You Mount a Television Aerial?

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A television aerial is essential to enable you to get all of the entertainment that television provides you with. However, if you don’t have a chimney on your property, where does an aerial go? Most people assume that they are attached to a chimney, but many homes nowadays are not built with chimneys.

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When you get a professional like this TV aerial installation Stroud based company to come out and install an aerial for you on a house with no chimney, here are some of the places that you can put it…

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In the Attic – The attic is a fantastic place to put an aerial, however you need to ensure that you can get a good signal in there, as this is not always the case. If you can, however, your aerial will last a lot longer when it is placed in an attic as it won’t have to deal with the wind and rain as well as other things that can damage it when it is outside.

On the Wall – Many apartment blocks will have aerials mounted on brackets on the wall. It isn’t the most attractive option, but it is a good solution if there is nowhere else to put the aerial, as it will ensure that you are able to get a good signal. The installer will likely place it as high as possible as this will mean you will get a better signal.

In the Ground – No, it isn’t practical to simply put an aerial on the ground at ground level for a number of reasons, but by using a tall pole, you can raise the aerial to a suitable height to be able to get a signal. Concrete will need to be used to ensure that the pole is sturdy enough to hold the aerial during strong winds. This may not be suitable if you live in a particularly exposed area, but it can be a good choice if there isn’t anywhere on the building to mount it.

On top of the Television – In the old days this was very common, however it is not ideal, and you are not likely to get a great signal. This is really only suitable if you cannot have an aerial on the outside of your home for whatever reason and you live high up to ensure that you can get a good signal.

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