What you need to know about combi boilers

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It’s time to replace your boiler if it is older than 15 years. Older models can be expensive and inefficient. A combi boiler is a great way to improve your central heating system, provide hot water when you need it and be compact. This makes them ideal for smaller properties.

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What is a combi?

A combi boiler is smaller than a traditional boiler and the most common type in the UK. Why? A small, energy-efficient combi boiler will heat your radiators on demand and provide hot water exactly when and where you need it.

Combi boilers are ideal for small households with modest water and energy requirements.

Why should I select a combi-boiler?

A combi boiler will be more efficient than a boiler that is older. You can save up to £300 per year by replacing your 15-year-old boiler with an A-rated combi boiler. For advice from Tewkesbury Boilers, contact a site like The Combi Man, professional suppliers of Tewkesbury Boilers.

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Combi boilers require less maintenance than conventional models. That’s good news when you arrange an installation, because the cost of installation tends to be cheaper. If a problem arises, it’s easier to locate replacement parts, meaning a quicker fix.

Combi boilers use water straight from the mains and are therefore cleaner, faster, and safer than older models. You don’t have to wait to heat the water, as you can get unlimited hot water whenever you want. The water is also safer to drink since it is not sitting in a rusty tank.

A combi boiler is a great option for those who live in smaller properties or apartments. This is because you don’t need a cold-water tank to feed the water to the boiler, and a hot-water cylinder to store hot water. You can turn on the tap to get hot water on demand.

They are easier to maintain because they’re so popular. This is because heating technicians are more familiar with combi boilers, and they can do the job faster.

Your energy-efficient combi boiler will help you get a high rating on your Energy Performance Certificate when it comes time to sell your home. This can make your house more appealing and help you sell it quickly, which is a considerable advantage in a tough property market.

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