What are the basic steps to designing a house?

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The design of a home is made up of 8 steps. On average, a project can take between 6 months and 1 year to complete.

  1. Research

Research is the first step. Design, house type, architect, and budget.

  1. Selecting the architect and designer

The designer is responsible for the design and style of the building. The architect creates the site plan, analyses the site and builds the layout plan. For Sustainable Architects, visit www.quattrodesign.co.uk/architectural-services/sustainable-design/

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  1. Site analysis

Next, you will need to analyse the site from different angles. Use professionals to take into account climate responsive design, site-specific variables, orientations, cool breeze accesses, solar accesses, views, shading by landforms and trees, buildings, slopes, soil types, fire risks, stormwater drains, access, transport, and other services.

  1. Design contract

The budget is discussed with the professionals. A contract is then signed by the architect, designer and client agreeing on all terms discussed.

  1. Conceptualisation

The concept of the building is developed. Designers will interview you, and then offer sketches and drawings with all of the structural details required. The designers will discuss the size, shape, and structure of the building.

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  1. Design development

The blueprint is conceptualised and then the development is done. This is a miniature model of the future house. Clients can give feedback on the model, and make changes if needed. It can be in the form of 3D renderings or real models.

  1. Final design

It is the work of a civil engineer, who can draw out plans in an empirical manner.

  1. Deployment

It is now time to put the design in real-time with builders. The real work begins here, as builders must adhere to the plan. They will be regularly supervised by designers and architects to monitor the progress.

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