What are solar ovens?

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Solar energy is a renewable source that harnesses the power from sunlight. Many homes now have solar panels installed on the roof to reduce household energy bills.

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Excitingly, this Reuters article explains that solar power could become one of the world’s biggest electricity sources by 2050 largely thanks to falling technology costs. If you want to learn about becoming more environmentally friendly and installing solar panels Cheltenham, the first step is to discuss your energy needs with a solar panel specialist such as https://gsmlimited.com/services/solar-panels/cheltenham.

However, solar panels are not the only use for solar technology. Solar ovens are another.

How do solar ovens work?

Solar ovens work by channelling light from the sun into a cooking area which traps the heat that can be used to cook food. Solar ovens come in a variety of designs each of which work slightly differently. However, they all utilise reflective materials and specific angles to ensure that enough light is collected. It is also important for solar ovens to retain heat, which is something that is often achieved by ensuring that the outside air is kept separate from the air within the cooking vessel.

While there are some solar ovens that also have an integrated electric-powered hot plate to speed up the cooking process, those that rely solely on solar energy won’t function on overcast days or at night.

What are the benefits of solar ovens?

If you don’t live off-grid and don’t go camping often, a solar oven might not be something you need. But as solar ovens don’t need electricity to function, they can be an excellent tool to have on hand in parts of the world that are susceptible to power outages or as part of an emergency kit in areas that experience natural disasters or extreme weather events such as hurricanes.

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Additionally, solar ovens are powered by a renewable energy source, which means that they have a significantly lower environmental impact than burning wood or fossil fuels. They are also much safer, as there is no need to start a fire.

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