The rise of the wet room

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We all want the perfect bathroom to refresh and unwind. However, getting the right bathroom can be far from relaxing. There are so many design choices available that it can be difficult to choose the right one for your needs. An increasingly popular and more unusual choice is a wet room.


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What is a wet room?

Traditionally, a shower is installed in an enclosed cubicle and doors are mounted onto a shower tray. However, a wet room is essentially a shower without a cubicle; the room itself serves as the enclosure.

Wet rooms are typically tiled from floor to ceiling. This aids waterproofing and makes cleaning easier because there are fewer edges and corners and no shower screen or tray.

Drainage depends on the type of floor, and any experienced builder will be able to advise on this matter. Under-floor heating is often recommended not just for gentle warmth but to help the room dry out after use.

Do wet rooms have an advantage over a shower cubicle?

Wet rooms are particularly suitable for people with mobility issues because the floor is all at one level and there is nothing to step over. If the room is large enough, it can also be suitable for wheelchair users. Some people find shower cubicles too confining; a wet room gives them space to move freely.

There are a few points to keep in mind when it comes to wet rooms. Unlike a room with a cubicle in it, the whole room must be watertight for a wet room. Before the new room is fitted, all old sealant must be removed or new sealant will not adhere to it. A silicone sealant remover such as one from should be used to remove it.

Another drawback compared to a cubicle-style shower is that extra care must be taken in choosing bathroom furniture. Items like towels and toilet paper can become wet due to the condensation in the room. Many people like the style of stone tiles in a wet room, but unlike ceramic tiles, they need to be resealed every few months.

Before installing a wet room, perhaps the biggest consideration is that removing the bath from your house and replacing it with a shower might affect the value of your property.

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