Ways to Look After your Garden in Winter

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Having a garden is a real joy – particularly in the warmer months when we can sit out and enjoy it! But even during the winter with a little bit of love and care a garden can bring you joy. There are lots of things that you can still do in the garden at this time of the year, both to make the most of your garden now, and to make sure that in the spring it is ready for you to go and spend time in once again. Here are a few things you can do in your garden in the winter…

Look after plants – As well as keeping plants safe from the elements over the winter it is also a good time to prune your roses and check flower beds for debris or dead parts of plants which you can remove.

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Repairs – Winter is a good time to repair things like fences to prevent storm damage, and it is also a good time to do maintenance and repair work on garden machinery like lawnmowers – you can buy Briggs and Stratton parts from Briggs Bits.

Create a winter wonderland – The dark comes in handy for this – make a garden that is festive for Christmas – strings of lights in trees and bushes and some festive garden ornaments will give you a lovely sight to look out on when its dark!

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Look after wildlife – Setting up a bird table is a great idea in the winter as the birds often struggle to find food in the wild. Put out fresh water daily especially when its icy.

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