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Home Improvement

There is not a lot going on in the first few months of this new year and although things will hopefully start to improve later on in the year, why not take this opportunity to breathe a bit of new life into your home and give it a bit of an early spring clean?

Here are a few ideas on how you can spruce up your home easily and without breaking the bank!

Re-vamp your home accessories – You don’t need to buy new furniture or completely redecorate to change the look of a room. Changing up things such as your cushions and curtains are a great way to make your room feel brand new. Look around for local suppliers such as this Tewkesbury curtains shop Laskeys so you will be doing your bit for local business too!

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Get some plants – Plants are a relaxing and soothing addition to any room, and we all need that right now to combat all the doom and gloom in the world! This is also a really easy way to improve your home. Plants like snake plant and peace lily are really easy to care for and thrive indoors so have a look at the sorts that you like the look of and find out how to care for them.

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Change your handles – You don’t need a brand-new kitchen to feel like you have a brand-new kitchen! Changing your cupboard handles as well as painting your kitchen units is a great way to re-vamp your kitchen and make it look brand new!

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