Too many guests? 5 tricks for an unforgettable meeting

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We are in the summer and succeed family meals, dinners with friends … Sometimes summer houses are not prepared to accommodate many guests as we like to gather, but there are always alternatives to make our event a success.

Let’s see 5 Tricks for you to gather the whole family and friends simple and convenient and of course, very decorative.

Too many guests 5 tricks for an unforgettable meetingPicnic in the garden

Prepare a flirty picnic baskets and blankets for your guests have a real summer picnic. Towels or blankets, poufs, cushions or mattresses scattered around the garden. Many paper napkins, sandwiches and miniquiches will be your allies. A dwarf will love and be different and fun.

As a precaution, keep a conventional table prepared for older family, it is that everyone is this post we saw great ideas for a picnic exception did you become one of the favorite quotes from your summer vacations?

A buffet of the most informal

A table full of delicious food, grouped chairs combined as you like, low tables and cold drinks will be enough for a cocktail in which everyone can relate. Very casual but without neglecting the presentation of the buffet.

Do not forget to decorate the table drinks with large flower arrangements or bouquets in vases, we learned recently brumalis hand.

With T of “table”

If you are more formal and I like sitting meals, a good idea is to put two tables T -shaped or square, the case is fit more people. This way it is much easier to talk. You can use a poyete to make them feel, for example, if you have few chairs.

Do not forget to prepare a not too large centers to decorate your table : wildflowers mixed with peonies or hydrangeas, with some paniculata, will be the perfect adornment.

The barbecue, the barbecue, as I like BBQ

Americans are the kings of the multitudinous outdoor meals. We are going to put together our barbecues of all the life and their well-kept BBQ so that we all have fun. A huge bowl of zinc filled with ice and drinks, various tables scattered around the garden, uniformed with the same tablecloth.

If you are going to do it often compensates you buy a few meters from vichy fabric and do the same tablecloths for the tables. For example you can put three tables: one for adults, another for teenagers and another for children. Let us not forget that this is a very casual food : ribs, chops and kebabs with good salads. For dessert ice cream or ice watermelon cut into triangles with sticks to avoid cutlery and dessert dishes.

Pool party

Not suitable for lovers sedate meals. The pool party is ideal when there are many children, of all ages. And we told how to solve that do not be swimming, riding a water park in the garden.

You just have to prepare a table buffet , remembering to put bells on food sources for the bugs are not those matching boots. The main table should be under a tent or umbrella large and also have the required cold in a cooler or directly into the house and out at the time of tasting.

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