Tips to keep your home warm in winter

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A cold landscape covered in fresh snow with its white mantle covers what was once green nature. Admire a winter landscape from the window of our warm and comfortable house, it is so relaxing. And if it were not for the cold that often creeps into the houses, nothing would break the magic of the moment.

In this article we want you to enjoy winter without spending a single drop of cold and also without having to pay extra on bills. In this article we share with you some good tricks to keep the house warm in winter.

home warm in winter

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Textiles thick

A purely decorative and aesthetic level, the accessories are great allies to keep the house warm. Rugs, plaids, blankets and cushions made on thick materials like wool help us to dress warmly our rooms.

Carpets, for example, help to keep the heat at home, decorate and dampen noise. In this sense, the curtains are also great allies of decoration, as they help to prevent heat loss through the windows. In fact, there are special curtains that are made with thermal lining to help us keep the house warm. Of course the thicker is the better…

Beware drafts

And at this point, we must not forget the enemies of a warm and cozy home: drafts! Throughout the house there are plenty of small streams for which heat escapes. Since windows and exterior doors poorly sealed to locks or even letterbox.

Therefore it is very important to locate these currents of air and cover with special products such as sealing tape, we can find in any gardening store or DIY store. In this sense, the decoration is again our great ally to keep the house warm. To avoid air currents that form in doors and windows we can use decorative weather stripping.

Other details that we must not lose sight are cracks and holes in walls, floors and ceilings. Repair these entire imperfect because through them also the heat escapes.

Intelligent use of heat

Small gestures also help keep the house warm without excessive use of energy. So experts remind us of the importance of adjusting the thermostat to the proper temperature, i.e. 21°C. And we must use intelligently radiators in the rooms adequate.

We must not ignore the myth that keep heat on all day is better. Ideally, adjust the heating to the right temperature, only in occupied rooms to save energy. What good heat a room in which we are not in practically all day? If you want to concentrate heat in one part of the house, do not forget to close the doors to keep the cold air in through the whole house.

Heating is the main protagonist of the house during the winter and we must make intelligent use of it. And this also includes radiators. Experts recommend we not place furniture on or in front of the radiators. The explanation is that the furniture absorb heat, thus preventing distributed by the rest of the stay.

One trick to seize the radiators

A good trick we can use to avoid heat loss at home is as simple as placing foil common behind the radiator. The idea is that the paper completely covers the area occupied by the radiator. Why can you help? The reason is that the role of reflect aluminum and distributes heat throughout the room.


Finally, we also recommend maximizing sunlight, as it helps to heat the room. So be sure to properly distribute the furniture and accessories for the sun to warm up with light rays rooms.

What more tips you know to heat the house in winter? Please share with us your own tricks…

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