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The curtains are one of the most important elements of the house. Combine aesthetics and functionality: in addition to controlling the passage of light and help us maintain privacy, add warmth to the environment. For these decorative accessories really result they should be combined with the rest of the stay. It is sometimes difficult to find the right curtains, so we offer some useful tips.

Tips for choosing curtainsIdeas for curtains as the room

According to the room, we choose curtains with different characteristics. This depends on the size, light, decorative style, etc. For example, for the bedroom the most appropriate colors are soft incites rest, ensuring that they are thick enough so that, even letting in light, can keep the dark overnight.

Salon, also we must choose curtains that help us create a pleasant space, preferably being long. By contrast, for the kitchen it is best to install short curtains that do not steal much space, and have cheerful prints such as flowers or a variety of colors. As occurs in the bathroom, the material thereof must be resistant to moisture and steam.

We must also take into account other details such as the shape of the window, which will determine the width of the fabric; they must cover it completely, including a few extra centimeters. On the other hand we can use light curtains to win, provided they are of sheer fabrics. Moreover, they are really decorative.

The double curtains also offer us great possibilities, making them ideal especially for queen bedrooms and the living room. Moreover, we can choose between plain or patterned fabrics. Each has advantages and disadvantages; for example, the funny motives are ideal for children’s rooms, while the discrete drawings bring elegance to the living room. If we choose solid colors, it is best to choose neutral colors that can easily be combined.

If you are thinking of renovating, I hope these tips for choosing curtains serve you to decide on the best for your home.

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