Tips for buying your bathroom taps

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One of the most important elements in the kit and fitting of a stay as the bathroom are the taps. Today we can find in the market a wide range of models adjusted to different designs, electronics and materials. We give some advice when choosing the most suitable for this home stay.

Washbasin, bidet, bath or showers … Depending on the section of the bathroom, to which we refer, find a gifted tap a certain characteristics. In this sense, when purchasing the faucets for this stay we have to consider the place to which we are referring.

Tips for buying your bathroom tapsTaps for each part of the bathroom

Thus, if, for example, in the bathtub or shower, you should know that installing taps in these areas is usually mural, i.e. go anchored to the wall. For the same reason, you have to determine the distance between the outlets of the pipes, taking into account the standard width is about 150 mm. Similarly, you must not forget that the taps bathtubs and showers feature pieces of adaptation, which will help us to adjust the width between 125 and 175 mm.

To bet the maximum for saving water is essential to equip your faucet aerators, which mix the liquid element air to reduce water consumption, saving up to 50% not inconsiderable. Another alternative is to use taps with double handle position, a model that has an aperture stop halfway through, it will release only 50% of the water flow. When save energy, you can find the so – called cold mixer taps center opening, which will be useful to reduce consumption of hot water.

Regarding the sink faucets, one of the elements that first catch the eye is the aesthetic, which must conform to the decoration of the room. Matt chrome, gloss or color are some of the variations you can find in the market, adjusted to different tastes and preferences of users so you can determine from this wide variety, the model that you may like.

However, beyond purely aesthetic issues, we have to take into account the usefulness of these elements, in the sense that the opening is comfortable and benefits that you can offer in matters of savings. This type of taps and sink are usually classified into different types, depending on the height of his pipe. In this way, we can find the tall; pipe recommended if your furniture has a sink rim, or low pipe, in the event that the cabinet has an integrated sink. You can also find the built -in, in the event that water intakes are on the wall.

Some of the additional equipment to consider includes, for example, hoses, flexible tubes that connect the water line to the faucet. In the same hose you can place a flow limiter, which reduces the passage of the entire water flowing through the pipe, making a not inconsiderable savings of up to 30%.

Finally, with respect to taps bidet, generally they have fewer features than previous models, because they have less wear and are usually installed superimposed against the embedded taps. It is possible to incorporate a movable member to guide the direction of water flow.

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