Three Areas of the Home that Can Be Damaged by Extreme Weather Conditions

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We are used to lots of different types of weather in the UK, and it is not unusual for the weather to feel like two different seasons in the space of one day! However, climate change means that more extremes of weather are likely, and this can be bad news for your home.

All types of weather can take a toll on your home – here are some of the things to watch out for…

The Roof – The roof of your home is responsible for keeping you safe and warm, so it is important to make sure that it is well looked after, so that it can look after you! When we have periods of heavy snow and ice, this can cause lots of problems with the roof. Water making its way into the cracks and then freezing can dislodge the tiles, so once the snow has melted it is a good idea to check for damage. High winds can also bring problems to the roof, both by blowing tiles off the roof and also by blowing heavy objects like trees onto the roof, so do take care of any trees that you have growing around your home.

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The Drains – Drains can become blocked in the autumn especially if we have a lot of rainfall and winds, as the leaves and debris from trees can be blown into them causing blockages. As well as the autumn weather, keep an eye on drains in the summer months, especially after a summer like the recent one. Hot weather and very little rainfall means that the ground will be drier, so roots of trees will seek out drain pipes which can cause a lot of damage. A company like this drain lining Gloucester based company will be able to take a look at the drains for you and check for signs of damage.

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Structural Problems – Another problem that can occur when the weather has been hot is damage to the structure of buildings and subsidence. Particularly if you live in an area where the soil is clay based, it is a good idea to be aware of this and look out for it. As the soil dries out it contracts, which can cause buildings to move. Look out for cracks in and outside the home.

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