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We are all guilty of holding onto items that we don’t use. Most of us can relate to having lofts, garages and cupboards full of things that we never use. So, why hang onto these things? Most often, we acquire something and think it will be useful one day, shove it away and forget all about it. When these items become clutter, it feels like too much effort to deal with it all. Here are some useless items to get rid of right now. For anything else, consider Self Storage Chorley

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Small gadgets we never use – We all have things clogging our cupboards that seemed like a good idea at the time. Gadgets like juicers, egg boilers, fruit slicers and toastie makers. If you haven’t used them for over a year, chances are you never needed them to begin with!

Adapters and power cords – Do you have a drawer full of adapters, cords and chargers for gadgets long since recycled? What purpose do these serve? Do you really think you’ll need them one day? Have a sort out and get rid. The same goes for old mobile phones.

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Paperwork – Are you drowning in ancient receipts, old birthday cards and expired vouchers? Shred anything with personal information on, recycle the rest and have a life laundry session. There is no need to keep anything for longer than a few weeks.

Towels and Bedding – Towels with holes in and faded bed linen? Donate to an animal shelter and don’t clog up your storage space with things you don’t use and don’t need.

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