Signs that you need to invest in a new bed

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Sleeping problems? Back pain in the mornings? A new bed could be in order. A trip to the bed store is in order if you have trouble getting comfortable, are constantly waking up at night or wake up sore in the morning. Our health and wellbeing, both physically as well as mentally, are dependent on sleep. We all know that a good night’s sleep makes us feel better.

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It could be that your current bed forces you to sleep in an unhealthy position, or you have been sleeping on the wrong bed for many years. This is now affecting your body. Your muscles will not be able to relax and recharge correctly if this is the situation. If you have pain in your upper back, then your bed may be too firm. If your lower back hurts, it could mean that your bed is soft.

A bed that is perfect for you will give you a great night’s sleep. Beds must be comfortable and supportive for your hips, shoulders and back. The right firmness will allow you to control the amount you sink into your mattress. For information on Pay Weekly Beds, visit

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You may lose some stability if you notice that the edge of your mattress is sagging. It is important that your bed maintains its firmness from the farthest edge to the full length. This is especially true when you share a bed. It is important to feel comfortable on the entire bed, as many of us prefer to sleep on our side. You don’t want to feel like you are about to fall out of bed as you get closer to your mattress edge.

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