Signs That There’s Water Damage in Your Loft

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One of the first signs of water damage in your loft is the appearance of a puddle or standing water. If water has been leaking through the roof into the loft, the water is most likely to be visible in the form of damp or wet roof beams. If you notice watermarks on your walls or ceiling upstairs, the problem is likely to be more extensive than you first thought. Peeling drywall, crumbling paint, or bubbled drywall are also signs of water damage that will need investigating.

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You can check for these signs if you regularly inspect the loft space of your home. You can also look for signs of water damage by looking for stains. Water stains form on the walls, floors, and ceiling, so look for them. If you notice any of these signs, you should take immediate action. If you don’t notice them, it’s likely that there is no water damage but other signs of potential issues could be seeing daylight in the roof or noticing damage to tiles. You might need Roof sealant. Find out more at

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Sagging ceilings can be a sign of water damage in your loft and are normally the result of not noticing or ignoring a leak for some time. Typically, sagging ceilings are caused by condensation accumulation and will require some serious clean up work. Loose flashing may also be a sign of damage from water. If you notice any of these signs on your roof or in your loft, it’s time to call a professional. They can help you decide if water damage is the culprit and how to stop it.


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