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Have more than ten years have passed and you have not renewed your mattress? It’s time to bet on a healthier rest and improvement of your own welfare. Here are some tips when buying cheap mattresses or reasonably priced in the market.

The mattresses, our weight after enduring seven days a week for seven or eight hours a day, they lose the properties that erected as the perfect break team to support our body comfortably while we sleep.

Renew your mattressThe consequences of rest in an already outdated and worn mattress will appreciate decisively in our own health as anxiety, lack of concentration, physical and mental fatigue, muscle aches and even memory deficits, all derived from a break inadequate.

When buying our mattress, we look at the most appropriate model for us. One of the most popular is the spring mattress, firm models, with proper back support and excellent ventilation. However, in these cases we have to take into account that the mattresses are losing strength over the years.

On the other hand, we have the mattresses spaciousness; you should know that the materials used are resin, oils, latex and polyurethane. The highest quality spaciousness employ 45-60 m3 kg internal that make a technology to consider profiled technical characteristics, designs and. As for the ergonomic qualities of latex mattresses, you should know that are similar to those of spring mattresses. Its enormous elasticity makes can be adapted perfectly to the body and joints.

Meanwhile, the memory foam mattresses, take the form of our body to the bed. The latter makes this kind of mattresses are good for reducing the body pressure the relativistic material provides, achieving a high level of comfort.

We can also find on the market mattresses made of other materials such as futons, mattresses water or air mattresses. The latter should be used sparingly, i.e. as auxiliary beds or for any guests.

You have to remember that the detection of deterioration of mattresses is very subtle. In order to identify, we should compare it with a team of identical characteristics to determine the loss of firmness and qualities thereof. However, if we sleep in perfect condition and contribute to our body and mind the rest it needs, it is essential to consider such issues.

What about you? What factors you consider when buying your new mattress? How often do you usually renew it?

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