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To prepare the house for the New Year you have to do simple tasks that remove the negative and flood your home to welfare and prosperity. Learn how in this note

Guide to Preparing the house before New Year

Prepare the house for the New Year will be leaving spotless and positive with these simple tasks you can do throughout the month of December, and reach the last night of the cycle with a completely renovated environment, with open doors for everything positive that the universe has to give the new time is coming.

Do not leave everything to the December 31, and then end up in a complete state of physical exhaustion. Instead, start ASAP to perform simple tasks and very effective to remove negative energy, stress and all traces that a whole year of life can deposit into your environments and surfaces, and even in your own body.

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Begins by analyze room by room, furniture for furniture, every corner and every space. Remove all contents of the cupboards, closets, drawers, boxes, everywhere prepare the house for New Year analyzing and classifying each element. Bota the broken beyond repair, fix what we do, and donates, gives away or sells so you no longer use. Make every piece of furniture and space has plenty of room for the new abundance.

The month of December is the ideal place to renew the atmosphere and décor that time. Removes excess decorative elements, prepare your home for the New Year leaving free space through which the energy can move, release Remember corners and normally closed or crammed with features including the basement and attic, garage or perhaps sites or washing room. Make airflow by opening doors and windows, to renew it.

Housekeeping before the New Year

The order and cleanliness are fundamental for the positive in your home. Prepare home for the New Year doing a thorough cleaning, and ordering every little item on your site accordingly. To not end the day exhausted, a day dedicated to each room, two if necessary. What remains is to maintain order and reinforce cleaning once a week until the arrival of the new cycle … and throughout the next year.

When cleaning, open the windows for air circulation and sunlight between, and if you want, put cheerful and calm music. Use plenty of clean water, renewing whenever necessary. Avoid commercial products full of chemicals and replace them with lemon, orange, white spirit vinegar and baking soda. Always wipe from the farthest to the front door and corner toward her, both in general and each room, per inside and out, including the sidewalk and garden. And always brings up dirt out of your house, pockets, and carries the waste to the site for your collection: never let inside your house.

Prepare home for the New Year with aromas

After the thorough cleaning, both from every room and throughout your home are sure to perfume environments with positive fragrances. You can prepare the house for the new year by lighting incense, sprinkling with natural flavors of citrus fragrances, fresh flowers, scented candles, or even doing a simple ritual benefactor placed in a pot, tin or pan a bit of dried sage to begin do smoke, and crosses the room with this freshener able to remove bad energy from every corner of your home.

And the last step, but no less important, is to prepare your body before it reaches the night of December 31. Fix your hair, cut, change color, make masks for your skin and your face, fix your nails, prepare as much as you want. Choose your outfit for the night, take a refreshing hot shower, and shake off all the past, all you want to leave behind the negative imprint that has left you. Coming out of the shower you will feel with renewed energy, the tone of your home, ready to receive twelve strokes.

Prepare home for the New Year and welcome him as what it is: the possibility of a positive, happy, prosperous and full of abundance, both materially and emotionally life.


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