Planting a Tree in Your Garden – Things to Consider Before Going Ahead

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If you have decided to plant a tree in your garden – this is a great idea! Safely, the trees all over the world are suffering and as the tree population reduces, the plight of the planet and the climate problems that we are seeing all too regularly gets ever worse, so adding more trees to the world is certainly not a bad thing.

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However when it comes to choosing the right tree for your garden, you should think carefully, depending on how much care you want to put into it, what you want from your garden tree (trees can be beneficial in many ways, from fruit trees providing food, to tall trees that block the view of nearby houses, giving you more privacy) and of course the size of your garden.

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As your tree grows it might need to be trimmed or cut back from time to time – in this situation it is best to find a local professional like this tree surgeon Gloucester based Geoffrey Urch, as it can be a difficult and dangerous job if you aren’t sure what you are doing.

You should also take care where you plant your tree and consider the size it will potentially grow too – make sure it is well away from both your houses and any neighbouring houses as the roots can cause structural damage as the tree grows larger.

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