Light up your home in winter and win the war on darkness

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You want to bring more vitality, comfort and warmth to each and every one of the rooms of your home in a season like winter? Since spaces such as Healthy Housing approach us the resources to confront the dark days, which will take over our city in the coming weeks.

Win brightness in the cold winter nights

The daylight hours are cut during the winter, which will lead to the shadows of the night to gain ground. During the colder seasons, we have to make the most of natural light, for which we have to leave the windows of our house exposed for the longest period of time possible, which at the same time provide a greater sense of freedom and spaciousness. To achieve this, you can get with clear blinds or filmy curtains.

Light up your home in winter and win the war on darknessAlso, we have another set of resources to take advantage of sunlight as, for example, choose light colors to increase their brightness. The details in the decor with bright colors help generate more light and balanced decorations in which no excess furniture or decorative accessories. We also opt for low furniture, in addition to broader; will achieve a better distribution of light in the house. In case they have a considerable altitude, it is best to be placed on the walls and never windows or the windows.

On the other hand, remember that the shelves bottomless attract less light, giving more light to the room. Remember that the opaque wooden doors absorb a lot of light in space, the mere fact replace them with glass, it enables the fact that the light can bounce back and spread through the rest of the stay. Similarly, white or light wood doors will also be an idea to consider.

You can also paint the window frames in white or light colors, not to mention that if they are the same color as the walls, the exterior will gain in prominence. To win in brightness, as indicated in previous lines, we can go for neutral tones, white and yellow, as well as fabrics like chiffon, organza linen or facilitating the passage of light.

With the arrival of the night, the artificial lighting becomes the main protagonist. Since most of the winter, the bulbs spread throughout our home will stay on for an extended period of time. For the same reason, it would not be inconsiderable bet on the use of LED bulbs, which consume 85% than conventional models. There are many different types of lighting that can choose. On the one hand, we have the type environmental, capable of projecting a flamboyant, intimate and friendly tenuous, with wall sconces that can help us achieve this effect. Used in interior design, the task lighting is ideal for the performance of our daily activities.

For the living room, for example, we can use floor lamps with the light beam towards the ceiling. We must not rule for this home stay table lamps or wall sconces if we create a uniform and soft lighting. Meanwhile, in the dining room we can choose ceiling lamps on the table. Remember that you can get a general or spot lighting if the chosen model is height adjustable. This stay will complete with candles or appliqu├ęs.

In spaces like the kitchen, it is best to opt for a recessed ceiling light and fluorescent or light spots under the highest closets. In the event that you have a corner for breakfast or lunch, do not forget to use a ceiling lamp.

On the other hand, the light should be directed to the ceiling or walls in the bedroom. The tables should have lamps having the small screen. The shadows of winter are especially dangerous in a room like the bathroom. To avoid this, you have to outflank the mirror with sconces. Make sure that the plugs are at least at a distance 1, 10 meters above the ground and 1 meter of water intake.

In general, to provide a more dynamic you can opt for the combination of ceiling lights with lamps and light rails recessed into the ceiling, help bathe the walls of light and expand space.

As was mentioned in previous lines, from places such as Healthy Housing approach us useful information and practical to have a totally healthy, safe and comfortable home. To do this you will have tips, ideas, advice to your questions and a community of users that share your ideas.

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