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The LED light is becoming the monopoly of enlightenment, winning every point in which some light is required. The truth is that it is completely logical because the LED bulbs means very attractive advantages in every way.

5 Good reasons to choose LED light

Save Energy: They can consume up to 85% less than usual bulbs, significantly lower the price of bills.

I respect the environment: are greener lights as they do not contain mercury or tungsten, which means that its recycling process easier. On the other hand, they are also reduced CO2 emissions by up to 80%.

No burning: This is because not generate heat which in turn results in ignitability immediately.

More Durable: LED bulbs have a long lifespan, about 30,000 hours of light (while the traditional bulb is between 2,500 and 800 hours). You save on costs and maintenance.

Variety Color: Surely it will not be the reason that leads us to choose the LED bulbs but has a wide range of different colors that can be played with great success in order to recreate different environments. This is ideal for certain decorations and suggests several ideas. Has anyone thought of a bathroom with blue lights? A terrace with green tones?

LED lighting for your homeIdeas to decorate your home with LED lighting

You want to start the fall with changes in your home or business? Join the LED technology and investment will be to save, protect the environment and decorate. The latest trends in this regard betting on the furniture with interior lights. The truth is that it is quite comfortable when seeking any object or piece of clothing. Takes up very little space can put small strips of LED or LED Down lights within certain furniture.

In addition, we must not only think of light as a necessity if we are unable to use it as a means of decoration in our home. For example, in a modern bedroom and even minimalist dyes could add LED on the headboard of the bed or even below Of the same. Moreover, even they could apply colors and bring a touch or intimate, passionate, relaxed style … What do you like best?

Regarding the bathroom, the more ideas we have fallen in love are the huge artichokes with LED lights colors. The latter can be modified and put fixed, flashing, alternating tones, etc.

Something similar can be installed in a garden where you can sit for a chat or even dinner. Also around a pool, giving the perfect touch to this space. Your visit will be hallucinated! But the best part is that you can tailor your lighting intensity and color you feel like at that moment.

What do you think the idea of betting on LED lighting for your home?

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