Is it hardwood or softwood?

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Is all wood hard? Well yes, but some are harder than others and would only be used in certain circumstances. The difference between whether a wood is hard or soft actually has nothing to do with its texture or its density. For example Pine is a very hardy dense wood. It’s perfect for building furniture and even the odd log cabin or four yet it is softwood.

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Balsa wood is used in modelling and some DIY projects but basically it’s there to help build dioramas and to make toys with. It can easily be snapped and can’t take any kind of weight unless it is compressed and layered. It is a Hardwood.

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So if the strength and durability of the wood is no indication, what can you use to tell if it’s a hardwood or softwood? It’s more a case of seeing what they were before you cut them down. Softwoods don’t lose their leaves. They are called gymnosperms and have been around for millions of years. They drop cones and berries to make more of themselves. Deciduous trees, or ones that lose their leaves in Autumn are Hardwood. They are a “newer” breed of tree that uses pollen and bees and insects to continue themselves.

Regardless of whether they are soft or hardwood, they will still need the attention of a Tree Surgeon Poole way like to look after them.

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