Interior Design Tips to Personalise Your New Home

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Purchasing your new home is a very exciting time in your life and whether you have moved into a new build home, or it has had previous owners, the first thing you will want to do is put your own personal touch on it. However, if you do not have any previous experience with interior design, this process could become overwhelming, and you may not know where to start. In this article, we will explore some interior design tips that will help you to put your own mark on your new home.

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Having blank walls in your new home can make it feel very empty and boring. This is why artwork and wall décor are so important. You should consider hanging your favourite paintings, prints or photographs that have special memories or stories behind them. You should mix and match different sizes of artwork and frame types to keep your walls looking fresh. When you have guests visiting, artwork can be a great conversation starter, as you will be able to tell the story surrounding them. If your walls are currently painted a neutral colour, you could also consider re-painting them a bold or more vibrant colour to match your personal taste. Also consider using wallpaper on some walls, as this can also be a good centrepiece in a room.

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Curtains are also a great way to show off your personal taste in your home. Curtains are not just useful for blocking out sunlight, but they can also be a great art piece or conversation starter. If you cannot find any curtains that match your taste in the store, you can always have custom curtains made from a fabric of your choice. Whether you prefer vibrant and bold colours or plain neutral designs, you can have any type of curtain personally made and fitted for your windows. You can search for Curtain Makers Near Me where you will be able to find a company who can make your curtains. An example of one of these companies is

Finally, you can invest in a few statement furniture pieces for your home. Whether its an antique chair, a vintage coffee table, or a more modern bookshelf, you can buy your furniture pieces brand new, or second-hand. Vintage furniture pieces can be a great conversation point for guests.

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