Installing Solar Panels When You Live in a Listed Building or a Conservation Area

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With so many people concerned about electricity prices as well as the impact on the planet of burning fossil fuels, it is little wonder that there has been a lot more interest recently in solar panels. Solar panels work by using the rays of the sun to convert into energy which can be used as electricity in your home.

Despite living in the UK and having changeable weather, solar panels still work well, and are a great option for an alternative energy source that has the benefit of being less damaging to the environment.

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However, when you live in a listed building, or a conservation area, you will know that you are subject to far more rules and regulations regarding what changes you can make to your property, and something that many people wonder is whether they can go to a professional like this solar panel installation Bristol based company and have solar panels installed on their home.

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The answer is yes, possibly. It is certainly not something that you should do without checking and getting permission to do, but you do have options if you are not allowed to have the panels on the roof of your home.

Many people who live in a listed building or conservation area are able to have solar panels attached to their outbuildings that do not come under the same status and may not be as visible, and then the supply of electricity can be connected from here to the house.

Alternatively, it is also possible to have solar panels mounted in the garden if you have enough space, and of course permission to do so.

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